West Canyon

Mountain Home! Our team designed from afar to add a unique flair to this Sun Valley ski home. Reconfiguration of the master suite provided a more gracious walk-in closet and master bath, outfitted with a Japanese soaking tub. A new Himalayan salt sauna + new materials-fixtures-furnishings gave this home some zen.

GC: Magleby Construction  |  Tile/Flooring: Earth Elements  |  Photography: Josh Caldwell



Shake it up! Our team worked in close collaboration with Architect David Keery to relocate the existing kitchen from the darker front side of the house, to the private sunlight-filled rear side of the home. New windows & doors provide for beautiful views of the backyard from all angles. A new Mudroom, Homework Area, and Eat-in custom banquette filled with beautiful new finishes, light fixtures, and furnishings were included in this renovation.

GC: Gary Ingalls |  Architect: David Keery |  Photography: Tamara Flanagan


Wrights Court

Modern Barn! Our team collaborated with the homeowners and architect to present a modern barn with industrial flair on 19th century farmland. Statement fixtures, finishes, wallpapers, and custom cabinetry ensure this home is one-of-a-kind. No space was spared a unique touch.

GC: River Village Carpenters  |  Architect: Scott Brown | Photography: Meg Manion


Folly Fields

Open to the landscape! Our team collaborated with the owner’s Architect to completely transform the existing home through a large expansion & renovation which maximized views of the surrounding fields. We designed, detailed and sourced all custom elements for the interior of this home. Country living at its finest!

GC: O’Neil Fine Builders  |  Architect: Albert, Righter & Tittmann Architects, Inc. Cabinetry: Jewett Farms & Old Colony Cabinets  |  Countertops & Fireplace Surrounds: Cumar, Inc. | Photography: Meg Manion



Be a standout! A style is not trendy when it totally reflects your personality and preferences. Our team encouraged full expression in this Newburyport kitchen renovation, which included removal of an existing pantry and laundry room, in order to capture views of the backyard with loads of natural light. Making the dark green cabinetry + wood + brass elements a welcome infusion of comfort and calming energy.

GC: The Riverview Company  |   Photography: Tamara Flanagan

Jewitt Farms Boxford low rez 002.jpg

Great Pond

Farmhouse with European country flair!  Our team worked in collaboration with the custom cabinet builders and the architect to provide a layout that best fit the newly carved out space, while offering a refined take on reclaimed wood & rustic finishes mingled with the owner's unique accessories collected along their travels.

Architect: Benjamin Nutter Architects  |  Cabinetry: Jewett Farms  |  GC: Sean Scanlon  |  Photographer: Eric Roth

Jewitt Farms Hopkinton low rez 002.jpg

Hayden Rowe

Custom details!  Our team worked in collaboration with the project architect & custom cabinet builders, we developed an open floor plan in a new addition that offers comfort, character, and efficiency. Equal importance was placed on the interior of the cabinetry, as was on the exterior. Every detail was reviewed and refined until it was perfected. Every finish and fixture was to compliment the architecture.

Architect: Thomson Architects  |  GC: Archambault Construction  |  Cabinetry, flooring, countertops: Jewett Farms  |  Hood: Gosh Ange  |  Photography: Eric Roth

3. tv open.jpg

Mystic River

Bring neighbors together!  Our design team worked in close collaboration with the Project Architect, Applied Form + Space, to develop a layout for this recreation room which would foster social connections among tenants. Furnishings, finishes, and fixtures were dreamt, designed, and detailed by us.

Architect: Jim Thornhill, Applied Form + Space  |  Cabinetry: Carriagetown Kitchens  |  Photographer: Joseph Ferraro



Beautiful Facelift! Our team completed a transformative design plan for this Kitchen which included a modification to the Powder Room and addition of new windows/doors at the rear of the home to soak up backyard views. All new cabinetry, finishes, fixtures, furnishings, and accessories brought this home a deep breath of new life!

GC: Dockham Builders  |  Photographer: Meg Manion



Bring the outside in! The entire kitchen was reconfigured to engage a new deck, screened in porch and the extension of the living space into what was once a spare bedroom. From custom cabinetry & lighting, to all new furnishing & accessories, we had a hand in every detail of this renovation.

Cabinetry: Jewett Farms  |  Photographer: Meg Manion| Plant Design: Flora by Lynn Steeves  |  Architect: Brian Stein



Move the Kitchen, tear down the walls! The existing floor plan was choppy with a small kitchen, powder room, office and dining room all separated by walls. The family was desperate for a mudroom and larger kitchen that would offer tons of natural light, views to their backyard, and large dining areas to share with their families and friends. Ask and you shall receive! We completely reconfigured this first floor area and gave it a major facelift. Furnishings & accessories included.

GC: Jon Gerrity, The Churchill Construction Company Cabinetry:  Newbury Cabinets  |  Plant Design:  Flora by Lynn Steeves  |  Photographer:  Meg Manion



Get a personality!  The existing spaces of this home worked well for the family, but they did not reflect their style or preferences.  Our team developed a series of design solutions to make this home feel unique including a reclaimed wood wall at the entry, barn doors at the office, custom built-ins at the family room, grasscloth & reclaimed shelves at the dining room, and new lighting.  We fully furnished and accessorized these spaces.

Cabinetry & Installations:  Tim Morse  |  Plant Design:  Flora by Lynn Steeves  |  Photographer:  Meg Manion