Our process is the same whether your project is a renovation, addition, new construction, or you are simply redecorating with furnishings & accessories. We want to understand your needs, first, and then design for them. This takes time and active participation from all sides. Our preference is always to be involved in as much of the process as we can, and with all members of the design & construction team. The more input we have, the better the results will be.


What’s the vibe? We listen, ask questions, evaluate imagery and preferences, and then prepare a series of mood boards and sample assemblies to capture the essence of your style and inspire a future design process.

Master Planning

You aren't ready to take on a major renovation, but you want to start the process of creating your dream home. We can help you develop a complete design package with drawings, samples and imagery so that you can work towards your goals at your speed


Not sure how much your vision is going to cost, and what it is going to take to get it done? We can develop a set of schematic design plans to be used for planning and pricing so you can be mentally and financially prepared for what you may be getting yourself into.

Design Development

Whether starting from scratch or working from a previously completed set of architectural plans, we will design and detail all interior elements within your space.  This includes interior architectural elements such as trim, cabinetry, window & hardware packages as well as plumbing & lighting fixture selections.  We can help you navigate the pros and cons of materials from countertops to flooring & tiles, or choose the perfect paint colors for your palette.  We can provide a full furnishing package including window treatments & accessories to complete your space.  Visits to showrooms as well as our resource-filled studio are included. We will source, specify, and draw detailed design plans for every installation.

Project Management

Making the design a reality! Once your project moves to construction we will ensure that all trades are clear on the design and installation details are to our specifications through regular site visits & communications.  We will help track and receive items to ensure they get to the site as needed, and in good condition.

Interior Styling

We can provide finishing touches on all of our projects through art, accessories, plant designs and anything else we can get creative with so that your new space feels complete and full of personality.  A customized design and shopping plan will be presented once the space is ready.