We are a boutique full-service interior design studio located on the Northshore of Massachusetts. We specialize in renovations, additions, new construction, furnishings and decor for residential and small commercial projects across the country. Our interior design process is personal and completely customized to every client. It is never too early to bring us onboard; we want to spend time getting to know our clients and studying their lifestyle in order to provide the most thoughtful designs. We want to be right by your side from a napkin sketch all the way through to placing your family photos on your walls.

When should you contact us?

It is never too early to bring us onboard. We should be one of the first team members, alongside an architect when the scope requires one. We will often develop a master plan years before construction begins for planning and budgeting purposes. We encourage clients to consider that a construction estimate will not be accurate without providing detailed design plans with specifications. Estimating before designing will result in a constrained design process and/or an unreliable budget that does not want to be uncovered after construction begins. We recommend bringing us in several months prior to the start of construction, at a minimum.

How long does Our design process take?

Each of our clients live in their homes differently and have their own unique needs and preference. The discovery process of understanding a lifestyle takes time and input from all decision makers. Our initial concept + schematic design process typically takes 2-3 months.

do we offer consultation only services?

We do not offer consultation-only services. Our designs are fully developed over a series of visual and technical studies. Most of our plans are communicated by way of drawings, mood boards, and physical samples. Most clients are visual and need these tactile items in order to make decisions efficiently. Consultations do not offer the level of support we provide.

What furnishing & accessory services do we offer ?

We have spent years researching and growing trade relationships to provide our clients with products that are unique and high quality. As part of our design services we act as single purchasing agents; meaning that our team provides all furnishings & decor for our projects. We handle the ordering/specifications, tracking, receiving, delivery, installations as well as exchanges/replacements for defective or damaged items. This is a luxury service and we have invested in our own systems and resources that will most seamlessly bring your vision to its reality. We want OUR clients to experience the wonderful excitement of a big reveal.

What is our client onboarding process?

We want to make sure that this mutual partnership will be the best it can be - so budgets, schedules, scope and our aesthetic needs to align. The goal is to get all of the paperwork out of the way so we can focus on the fun stuff during the design process. If you are interested in learning more please send an email to hello@hollygagne.com and we will ask you to complete an online questionnaire as a first step. In-home consultations for us to see your space(s) and provide a fee proposal for design services are $250.